Day 1 – Bucharest (RO) – Arad (RO)

Bucharest (RO) ————– Piteşti (RO) ————– Bascov (RO) ————– Sibiu (RO)  ————– Arad (RO)

This is it … after weeks of planning and months of conceiving a dream  – it is finally come true. I’m really doing it!

Bad start – after waking up at 5:00 in the morning and jumping a fence, the Police told me to go away from my hitch-hiking spot (indeed, it was on the highway); so I was right saying that in Romania you could hitch-hike almost everywhere. The good part was that I caught a lift quite quickly – and what a car: a van which transports ice-cream (not like in the movies and not with ice-cream at that time, but at least it was a good temperature for my backpack – with a lot of food).

After 550 km, to complete the cycle in the same manner as I started, a stick from my tent has broken – yes, in the first day – but because I’m always prepared, some sticking plasters were very useful. At least the camping site close to the Mureș river offered a great view. And I was not alone, even if it was a wild camping – a nice couple with bikes … and one new temporary friend.


Good night!


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