Maramures & Satmar

Maramureș & Sătmar


Romanian Maramureș region consists of the Maramureș County.

Romanian Sătmar region consists of the Satu Mare County and the eastern part of the Maramureș County.

In these areas there are also some ethnographic regions:

  • Țara Lăpușului (Maramureș county)
  • Țara Chioarului (Hungarian – Kővárvidék) – part of it in Maramureș county, and also in Cluj county
  • Țara Maramureșului
  • Țara Codrului  – part of it in Satu Mare and Maramureș counties, but also in Sălaj county
  • Țara Oașului (Satu Mare county)


– Țara Lăpușului –

Tara LapusuluiIts capital is Târgu Lăpuș town. It also consists of the following communes: Băiuț, Coroieni, Cupșeni, Groșii Țibleșului, Lăpuș and Suciu de Sus.

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